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Sharif Afsaneh
Faculty Liaison/Senior Project Manger, The University of British Columbia


Ceni Babaoglu
Assistant Program Director, Data Science
Marie Bartlett
Instructional Designer, Thompson Rivers University
Sarah Bartosh
Instructional Designer, Canadian Standards Association
Jiyae Bong
Assistant Professor, Concordia University
Kelly Boutilier
Learning and Performance Consultant
Kelly Brennan
Instructional Technology Coordinator, Laurentian University
Kelly Brennan
Instructional Developer, Lakehead University
Anne-Marie Brinsmead
Program Director, Engineering, Architecture & Science, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
Mary Burgess
Executive Director, BCcampus
Sol Bursik
MA Student, Concordia University
Jessica Butts Scott
Director, PowerED™, Athabasca University


Saul Carliner
Professor, Concordia University
Gail Carmichael
Senior Technical Learning Designer, Shopify
Hawthorne Carol
Curriculum Developer, Concordia University
Robert Cassidy
Physics Faculty/ CourseFlow Designer, Dawson College/ SALTISE
Elizabeth Charles
Professor, Dawson College (SALTISE)
John Cheng
Educational Consultant: Learning Design, University of British Columbia
Alice Cherestes
Senior Faculty Lecturer , McGill University
Nadine Ciamarra
Learning Experience Designer, KnowledgeOne
Catherine Clement
Student, Concordia University
Naomi Cloutier
Associate Director - Curriculum Services, Open Learning, Thompson Rivers University
Dani Collins
Supervisor, Editing & Copyright, Thompson Rivers University
Teyte Cottingham
Advisor, FutureReady program, Concordia University
Daph Crane
Senior Instructional Designer, Memorial University
C.F. Crowley
Manager - Learning Design, Learning and Technology
Giuliana Cucinelli
Associate Professor, N/A
Alicia Cundell
Teaching Consultant, Concordia University


Lisa D.
Student, Simon Fraser University
Michael Dabrowski
Academic Coordinator, Athabasca University
Radwan Dalia
Curriculum Developer, Concordia University
Robline Davey
Doctoral Student, Simon Fraser University
Debra Dell
Mae Doran
Doctoral student, Centre of Distance Education, Athabasca University
Stephen Doubt
Instructional Designer
Stephen Downes
Researcher, National Research Council Canada
Atalie Dufour
Learning Experience Designer, KnowledgeOne / eConcordia


Yamna Ettarres
Learning Technology Specialist, KnowledgeOne inc


Leelan Farhan
PhD Candidate, N/A
Laila Ferreira
Assistant Professor of Teaching, niversity of British Columbia
Amy Fish
Ombusperson, Concordia University
Natalie Frandsen
PhD Student, University of Victoria


Sandra Gabriele
Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching & Learning, Concordia University
Ray Gallon
President, The Transformation Society
Mariya Georgieva
Conference Planner, Concordia University
Farnaz Gholami
Learning Experience Designer, KnowledgeOne inc
Erika Giraldo
Lead Learning Experience Designer, Pedagogy/UDL Specialist, KnowledgeOne inc
Myriam Girouard-Gagné
conseillère technopédagogique et étudiante au doctorat, Universite de Montreal
Janaya Gripper
Research Assistant, Dawson College/ SALTISE
Angela Guadagno
Academic Associate, TLS, McGill University


Erica Hargreave
Documentary Storyteller - Interactive Media Producer - Instructor - Student, StoryToGo
Eric Hatch
Lead Learning Experience Designer, KnowledgeOne inc.
Teresa Hernandez Gonzalez
Assistant Professor, Concordia University
Yan Hongxin
PhD Student, Athabasca University
Tim Howard


Cindy Ives
Professor, Distance Education, Athabasca University


Melissa Jakubec
Instructional Designer, Thompson Rivers University
Diane Janes
Coordinator, CELT, Thompson Rivers University
Houda Jawhar
Instructional Designer, Concordia University


Samira Karim
Volunteer, Concordia University
Sheila Kavousi
Educational Technologist- E Learning Developer
Carol Koo
Video Producer, McGill University
Stefan Krueger
KnowledgeOne inc


Ryan Lahti
Technology Adoption Consultant, University of Toronto
Ryan Lahti
Technology Adoption Consultant, University of Toronto
Maggie Lattuca
Manager, Online Program Development, McGill University
Wenbin Liu
PhD Student, Concordia University
Huong Lu
Instructional Designer, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University
Marian Luctkar-Flude
Associate Professor, Queen's University School of Nursing
Doru Lupeanu
Marketing Director, KnowledgeOne
Katherine Lyon
Assistant Professor of Teaching, University of British Columbia


David Macdonald
Distance Learning Program Development Specialist, University of Guelph
Julie Maier
Instructional Designer, University of Saskatachewan
Cleveland-Innes Martha
Professor and Program Director, Athabasca University
Silvia Mazabel
PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education
Vanessa McCance
Learning Experience Designer, KnowledgeOne
Ana Luisa Muniz
Video Producer, Concordia University
John Murray
Instructional Designer, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University
Amanda Myerson
MA student, Concordia University


Dianne Nubla
Contract Lecturer, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education


Mollie O'Neill


Aga Palalas
Associate Professor, Open, Digital & Distance Education, Athabasca University
Walsh Pamela
Professor, Athabasca Univerity
Arancibia Erazo Paula
Graduate student, Université de Sherbrooke
Amélie Poulin
Director of Operations, Baton Simulations
Helena Prins
Advisor, Learning and Teaching, BCcampus


Adnan Qayyum
Associate Professor, Athabasca University


Georg Rieger
Associate Professor of Teaching, University of British Columbia
Georg Rieger
Associate Professor of Teaching, Unviversity of British Columbia


Leslie Schneider
Chief Academic Officer, Visual Classrooms
Michelle Sengara
Strategic Innovation Team Lead, York University,
Kamran Shaikh
Director of User Research / Lecturer, Baton Simulation / Concordia University
Emily Sheepy
Education Producer, Ocean School, National Film Board of Canada
Michael Sider
Producer | UBC Studios, University of British Columbia
Bart Simon
Associate Professor, Concordia University
Christina Souliere
Concordia University
Carol Sparkes
Instructional Designeer, Open Learning
Shirley Steinberg
Professor, University of Calgary
Jenny Stodola
Educational Developer & Instructional Designer, Queen's University - Faculty of Health Sciences
Ting Sun
Student, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Jane Tyerman
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa


Tania Vaccarella
Volunteer, Concordia University
Angela van Barneveld
Assistant Professor, Lakehead University


Nicholas Walker
lecturer, College Ahuntsic
Pamela Walsh
Associate Professor , Athabasca University
Gerald Walton
Professor, Lakehead University
Yirong Wang
Volunteer, Concordia University
Shujaat Wasty
Founder, OBAT Canada
Darren Wershler
Associate Professor, Concordia University


Lori Yearwood
Storyteller / Educator


Eva Zeng
Senior Learning Developer, Schluter Systems

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