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To guarantee an optimal virtual experience, it is recommended to follow the technical requirements below:

· Use a desktop or laptop computer.

NOTE: Our conference platform is not designed to work well on a mobile platform, especially a smart phone.

· Make sure you:

- - - - - - - - - - -

· Have a stable internet connection

· Use the latest versions of your browser

- - -

o Chrome (v88)

o Firefox (v84)

o Edge (v88)

o Safari 5.1.7

NOTE:Avoid using, Internet Explorer, which is not compatible with the event platform.

- - -

· For best interaction, use:

- - -

o Microphone,

o Camera

o Headphones (so others in your home are not disturbed by the audio from the conference)

- - -

· Familiarize yourself with the virtual platform to make the most of it.

Technical Requirements