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Technology questions

What technical requirements are needed to attend the virtual event?

See the Technical Requirements tab.

What do I do if I can’t see the presentation or hear the speaker?

Check the connection at your end.

· Have you entered the session through the Schedule page (as described below)? If not, re-read those instructions and enter the session.

· For problems hearing the speaker:

- - -

1. Check the volume on your computer.

2. If you are using an external headset, also make sure the volume controls on the headset are not turned off or set so low you cannot hear the speaker

If you have signed into the site, verified that the volume on both your computer and headset (if used) are on and set to audible levels, perhaps the problem is at the system end.

· If the session has not yet started and you are in a virtual waiting room, wait for the session host to admit you. The session host waits until the session before yours clears before welcoming people to the session.

· If the session has started and the transmission has suddenly stopped, a problem most likely happened with the speaker. Leave the session and attempt to re-enter it two minutes later.

How can I interact with other event attendees?

· During the conference:

o To interact with speakers outside of the session you may visit our virtual Hallway meet up. You can join the conversation at any time, not just during the scheduled breaks. Check out the event schedule to find the access details and best practices.

o In sessions, use the Chat feature of Zoom.

o Also participate in these networking events:

§ Speed Networking (Monday afternoon)

§ Birds of a Feather session (Tuesday afternoon)

§ Breaks (each day)

NOTE:Check the Schedule for information on the times for these events and to enter them

· After the conference: Contact those who have provided email addresses or social media information.

Why can’t any one can see my profile?

The profile is probably set to private. You would need to make the profile public. To do so:

- - - - - - - - - - -

(a) Click on the square picture in the upper right corner of the screen.

(b) When the drop-down menu appears, click on My Settings.

(c) Click on Public.

(d) Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

(e) Click Save.

Your profile should be public.

- - - - - - - - - - -

About your registration

What is included with registration?

Registration includes (a) access to this platform; (b) access to all sessions occurring between April 19 through 21, (c) access to all handouts; (d) access to the site through June 30, where you may view recordings of all sessions (not just the ones you attended) and retrieve handouts.

I did not receive a formal confirmation of payment of my registration fee?

Check your spam folder to make sure it was not sent there. If not, after the conference, contact the CNIE office at and request a new receipt.

How do I log in?

Please be sure you have registered to attend the conference. Once you have purchased a registration ticket, you may log in here.

Attending the Conference Sessions:

Are sessions pre-recorded?

No. All of our sessions are held live. We strongly believe this creates a more authentic conference experience.

How do I get into an individual conference session?

(a) Visit the Schedule page

(b) On the Schedule page, find the sessions for the current time slot.

NOTE: All times on the Schedule page are Eastern.

(c) Click on the session you want to attend.

(d) Inside the session description, click on the link to enter the Zoom room for that session.

NOTE: We use this click-through interface rather than providing separate Zoom links for you to manage.

Will recordings of be made available?


When the conference concludes, the session recordings will be available in the virtual event space, however only accessible to registered attendees after logging into the site.

Frequently Asked Questions