Sándor Földvári

university lecturer
Debrecen University (Hungary)

Sándor FöldváriEmail alexfoldvari@gmail.com - Debrecen University; Academy of Sciences of Hungary — Lecturer (part-time); Researcher (part-time). – As for “Full-time”, he is an independent scholar in full-time and academic-employee in part-time. - CV with selected publications here: https://unideb.academia.edu/SandorFoldvari/CurriculumVitae

Brief Bio/CV Info  Budapest University, Hungary, three MA degrees in 1991: in Russian, Ukrainian, Philosophy; Debrecen University, Hungary, postgraduate 1991-1996, dr.univ. in History (this was the first grade in then-Hungary, not to confuse with the Dr. of Academy!); Academy of Sciences of Hungary: postdoctoral research fellow 1998-2002; recently researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Hungary and part-time university lecturer. - Teaching experience: Esterházy Teacher Training College in Eger, North Hungary (European literature in Baroque and Romanticism); research experience: National Széchényi Library of Hungary (senior research fellow); - published 156 papers, read on 168 conferences; deliverd invited papers and served as panel/sessions chair and has been keynote speaker, too, e.g. at the Lithuanian and Estonian Academies of Sciences. — Mr Földvári has organised panels with good reputation and evaluation on the ASEEES Summer Convention in Lviv, Ukraine 2016, see “2016 ASEEES-MAG-Lviv_Printed-Program”, pages 47-48: Session HiE-3-05; and on the IAH(MAG)-joint-ASEEES Convention in Lviv, Ukraine, 2018 two panels: Hi-6-05 and Hi-7-05; and he delivered his papers in his panels, as well. – Among others, he was the panel organiser and the chair, too, of his session on the 8th International Congress of Belorussian Studies, in Warszawa 2017. Session 7, panel 4 on the topic “Basilians int he Grand Duchy of Lithuania”— Mr Földvári is a current (and active) member of the ASEEES for many years. He is also a member of the Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (NIC; Sweden-Norway), the Estonian Uralic Society, the Hungarian Association for Byzantine Studies; and an executive member of the Editorial Board of the “Interdisciplinary Readings” in Humanities (Міждисиплинарні Читання) in Kyїv, Ukraine. - First reference at the beginnings of the carier: already his Master thesis, were written in this field in his student-age, was quoted and evaluated excellently by an Ukrainian scholar in an academic journal: Paňko, Serhij, “A v Uhorščyni jak?” Slovo i čas: Žurnal Instytutu Literatury im. T. G. Ševčenka AN Ukrajiny ta Spilky Pyśmennykiv Ukrajini, Kyjiv, Vol. 5. 1992. No. 4. 60‑62., About student-Foldvari: page 61. ISSN 0236 1477 – The citing paper is accessible, too, here: https://www.academia.edu/3694377/ = already 27 years ago. - The site of his professional activity: https://unideb.academia.edu/SandorFoldvari - List of publications at the official site of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences here:  https://m2.mtmt.hu/gui2/?type=authors&mode=browse&sel=10037000&view=simpleList&fbclid=IwAR3I-60IduvW2Van5IGvdYRSXsI5OPvo1jwXQr9yoT4nr8VOGL-