ICCEES Panel Practices

ICCEES panels/roundtables are one hour and thirty minutes long, and typically consist of:

  • A Chair, given a total of five minutes for panel and presenter introductions;
  • Presenters on a three-person panel are given 20 minutes each; presenters on a four-person panel will have 15 minutes each; and
  • In some instances, a Discussant.

Please remember:

  • The Chair requires short biographies from each presenter in advance to prepare the introductions.
  • For a 20-minute presentation, presenters should prepare a short essay of 8 pages, double-spaced; for 15-minute presentations, presenters should prepare an essay of no longer than 6 pages, double spaced. It is not realistic to be able to read longer papers in the amount of time allotted to each presenter.
  • Chairs are asked to announce their time-keeping practices at the very beginning of the panel so as to not discriminate between presenters; this will allow for ample time for the question and answer period.
  • No questions should be entertained until all the presentations are complete.