The conference Networking Lounge is supported by the platform Wonder, an interactive platform that simulates the live experience of informal networking with your peers and speakers.

Before joining the Networking Lounge

· Make sure that your video conferencing tools (ex: Zoom video/audio) are turned off.

· Connect with your desktop or laptop computer; mobile devices and tablets are not supported.

· For optimal use, we recommend using Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  The following browsers are NOT supported by Wonder: Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

**If you are having any difficulties accessing the Wonder room, please try with another web browser or add to your Browser Privacy & security site settings.


1. Go to the online schedule and click on the Welcome Reception/Networking activity.

2. Click on the “Join virtual session" button (it will appear when active).

3. Agree to the website terms.

4. Take a snapshot – smile, click on the button, and enter your name! This will become your avatar on Wonder for the duration of the conference.

4. Enter the Networking Lounge.

5. To explore the room, click on your avatar and hold down on your mouse/touchpad.

To join or start a conversation with others, move your avatar close to other participants’ avatars in the room. Please note that you must release your mouse/touchpad to stay in the conversation.

Once inside the room, you can...

· Check the participant list to find peers.

· Interact via video or text chat with individuals, groups, or everyone - you may chat privately, publicly, or within your group circle.

· Join or leave conversations by moving your cursor closer to a person or to different groups (by placing your avatar in the “circle”).

Participants must abide by the ICCEES Anti-Harassment Policy and Code of conduct.