Rules for Recording and Social Media at ICCEES 2021

Recording Policy

Unless you receive their express approval beforehand, please do not use any visual or audio recording devices to record speakers during their presentation. At individual sessions, enforcement is the responsibility of the session chair, as directed by the speakers.

Social Media Guideline

To enhance intellectual exchange, we encourage the use of social media to broadcast the content of the Congress.

The official hashtag for the Congress is #ICCEES2021

  •  Please use common sense and courtesy when tweeting.
  •  Be mindful and careful when you convey information about a session. It is important to distinguish between the opinions of presenters, audience members, and your own thoughts on a subject.
  • We suggest using the session number found in the program when tweeting about that session.
  •  If a presenter does not wish for their material mentioned on social media, they should make an effort to inform their audience prior to the event and/or display a message to that effect in their Powerpoint slides, if relevant.

Opinions expressed by participants at the Congress are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of ICCEES or any of its member organizations.

ICCEES is not responsible for the content of third party social media websites and does not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of materials on them.