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Gather Town is open at all times for networking, for you to have fun enjoying a live DJ, as well as having some fun playing video games in the games room!

We also have the following sessions and activities at set times:

Wednesday, 12pm-5pm
Thursday, 9:30am-6pm
Friday, 9:30am-1:15pm

For best practices on how to use Gather Town, please check the information below:

Set up

  • Do try logging in before your first session to make sure that your camera and microphone work. You might have to give Gathertown permission for that in your browser’s settings.

  • Avoid using Safari, since that browser is currently not supported by Gathertown. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge work well for most users.

  • You’ll have the best experience using a computer (desktop or laptop) rather than a tablet or phone.

Using the space

  • You can move around the space using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the W (up), A (left), S (down), D (right) keys.

  • You can turn on and off your microphone and video by hovering your mouse over your personal video and/or name box, often located in the bottom right corner of the Gathertown screen (you’ll see your name on it and your video if it’s turned on).

  • If an object is glowing, you can press “x” to interact with it. For example, this is how you can use a whiteboard. You must navigate right up to the object.

  • When you approach other people, your video and microphone will be shared with them.

  • Note that there are a few command shortcuts with potentially comic results:

    • “g” will turn on ghost mode where you can walk through other participants (only as long as you press and hold that letter key),

    • “z” will make your avatar dance.

  • To enter a new room within the Gathertown space, just walk towards the door and you’ll pass right through.

  • Want to locate a specific person? Search for them in the search bar on the left hand side and click “locate”.

Other considerations

If you notice your own Gathertown performance struggling, it could be your computer or internet.

  • Try turning off your video, the largest drain of processing capacity. Try also closing other programs and browser windows.

  • Do you suddenly have choppy audio or your screen freezing up? Are you engaged with a large number of people in your proximity group? Consider breaking up into smaller groups to chat.

  • For those presenting a video via screen-share, it is possible that your own camera and microphone audio might become choppy. Using a shared video-object in the room can help, or you can turn off your camera while sharing the video.

  • Wondering why your arrow keys are suddenly not moving your avatar anymore? You might have clicked outside the Gathertown window. Just use your mouse to click anywhere inside and your arrow keys should move your avatar.

  • Wondering why people can no longer hear you? When you move into certain rooms, your microphone might have been automatically muted. Just hover over the box with your name or video, if it’s turned on, to turn your microphone on again.

For further reading on Gathertown, check out their documentation here, which provides more guidance on how to move and explore.

Gather Town Sessions & User Guide