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The Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d'expression anglaise is delighted to support the second edition of the Forum on the Education and the Vitality of Québec’s English-language minority.

This Forum is an opportunity for both the education sector and communities to collaborate and address the challenges they face. Through collaborative exchanges and information sharing, communities can bring about change and foster vitality.

Education is one of the greatest assets of a society. It arouses curiosity and allows for knowledge development and transfer. The vitality of a community is ensured through the transmission of knowledge. Therefore, education guarantees continuity and is, thus, the most beautiful legacy that a community can pass on to its descendants.

The Secretariat is happy to encourage research and discussions on this topic. Moreover, depending on the geographical location or the socio-economic status of each population, the realities in each community can be very different. Activities such as these allow all of us to understand these subtleties and to be better prepared to act.

I would like to personally thank QUESCREN, an organization that brings together researchers, community players and representatives of educational and other involved institutions, for organizing this unique meeting.

I also wish all the participants a most rewarding experience. Their presence and involvement in the Forum is a show of support to the English-speaking communities of Quebec that deserves to be recognized.

Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier
for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers

Words of welcome from the SRQEA