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About the Forum

A decade ago, Richard Bourhis and Rodrigue Landry wrote that a vital language community can “survive and thrive as a collective entity in [a] given intergroup context” (Bourhis & Landry, 2012).  

For Quebec’s English-language education system, public health and political events of recent years have presented new issues and highlighted pre-existing vitality challenges. They include the transition to online and hybrid environments, enrolment decline and youth retention, and an ongoing complex political environment. Despite the challenges faced, we believe that with collaboration and innovation, positive change is possible.

It is important, now more than ever, to have community collaboration and inter-level cooperation for navigating and adapting to this ever-changing context. The Education and Vitality Forum 2023 will provide the opportunity to do this.

Information will be shared on the important work being undertaken in Quebec’s English-language education system, and research on it will be showcased. Its focus will be responding to current concerns through discussing best practices and initiatives that support our diverse communities. 

The Forum will be a space for researchers, education practitioners, community stakeholders, policy-makers, and various audience members to address these concerns by:  

  • Accessing collaboration opportunities with key educational stakeholders
  • Identifying strategies for an inclusive and quality English-language educational offer
  • Presenting findings of research and practices
  • Sharing experiences of current educational challenges

In addition to the five types of Forum activities, there will also be lunch and coffee/tea breaks.

Activities can take place in English or French.


This is the third Forum on community vitality and education convened by QUESCREN. Find out about our 2021 Forum here.

About the Forum