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Urban Mining of Battery Metals: End-of-Life Battery Recycling

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1:05 PM, Thursday 2 Jun 2022 EDT (20 minutes)

The development of a mass market for electrical vehicles implies a surge in the international battery demand. This important increase of demand puts pressure on the stock and on the availability of the valuable elements composing the battery (e.g. Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel). Besides, these metals are extracted from mines and are not unlimited on our planet. Thus, the recycling of lithium-ion battery becomes mandatory to limit mining more virgin metals. However, the presence of coatings around the Cathode Active Material (CAM) particles from used Li-ion batteries may be a hurdle to the recycling efforts. 

In this context, the hydrometallurgy process for battery recycling brings some interests to tackle this challenge and purify the materials for the manufacturing of a fresh cathode active in a new battery. This presentation will introduce you to the battery recycling processes and how they can be tuned to address the challenges in terms of product party and specifications for the Li-ion battery industry.

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