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Mr. Nicholas Walker

College Ahuntsic

Download the presentation here.

As an English Second Language teacher at Ahuntsic College in Montreal, my goal has been to develop outstanding ESL materials and power-tools to better serve the needs of the ESL and TESL community.  For example, I created the to correct and score student writing, and I am the principal author of the Actively Engaged Series of ESL textbooks. Here is some of the recognition I have receive in recent years:

  • TESL Canada Innovation Award 2017
  • Sesquicentennial Pin for Leadership in Education 2017
  • AQPC Mention d’Honneur for excellence in teaching 2019
  • Reconnaisance Institutionelle de College Ahuntsic for “Technopédagogie” 2019
  • SPEAQ Keith Boeckner Award 2019

If you are interested in exploring automated essay scoring, contact me. I can help.