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GlobVision is a dynamic and innovative high-tech company. Its achievements reflect the very fertile imagination, combined knowledge, and dedication of its personnel. Our highly motivated teams share a long-term vision of what can be achieved by applying intelligent systems and technologies to real world situations.

GlobVision was founded as a software developer and system integrator in GIS (Geographic Information System) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies. Over the years, we have focused on the development and utilization of state-of-the-art Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data-Driven Modelling, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Model-Based Design methodologies for solving diverse, real world engineering problems that involve complex systems and data. Today, GlobVision develops, integrates and markets innovative, computationally intelligent solutions that enable informed decision-making and enhance the performance and reliability of safety-critical, business-critical and mission-critical complex systems.

GlobVision has become globally competitive and a leading player in developing software applications and providing scientific and engineering services to three distinct industry sectors: Space, Aerospace & Defence; Earth Observation & GIS; and Utilities & Infrastructure.

Our goal is to help our clients to enhance the operations and efficiency of their systems by exploring and modelling their behaviours, monitoring their health and integrity, optimizing their designs, and making more informed decisions. We achieve this through the integration of innovative data analytics, machine learning and model-based design techniques with state-of-the-art software development methodologies to meet our clients’ stringent needs and offer them as scientific and engineering services and/or operational software to our customers.

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