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Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of hazardous materials (ISSN: 2666-9110) is an international forum that advances world class research by publishing articles in the areas of Environmental Science and Engineering. It publishes full-length research papers, review articles, and perspectives that improve our understanding of the hazards and risks that certain materials pose to public health and the environment. Papers that deal with ways of assessing environmental impact (Environmental Science) and risk mitigation (Environmental Engineering) of hazardous materials (HM) are within the scope of the journal.

Special issue: Emerging Technologies for Marine Oil Spill Response

Submission deadline: May 31, 2022


Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (ISSN: 2077-1312) is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to marine science and engineering. It publishes reviews, research papers and communications.

Special issue: Reviews in Marine Environmental Science and Engineering

Submission deadline: July 31, 2022


Frontiers in Environmental Science

Frontiers in Environmental Science (ISSN: 2296-665X) publishes research at the cutting edge of knowledge of our natural world and its various intersections with society. It bridges between the identification and measurement of change, comprehension of the processes responsible, and the measures needed to reduce their impact. Its aim is to assist the formulation of policies, by offering sound scientific evidence on environmental science, that will lead to a more inhabitable and sustainable world for the generations to come.

Special issue: Waste Management of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Marine Environment

Submission deadline: March 31, 2022


Marine Pollution Bulletin

Marine Pollution Bulletin (ISSN: 0025-326X) is concerned with the rational use of maritime and marine resources in estuaries, the seas and oceans, as well as with documenting marine pollution and introducing new forms of measurement and analysis. A wide range of topics are discussed as news, comment, reviews and research reports, not only on effluent disposal and pollution control, but also on the management, economic aspects and protection of the marine environment in general.

Special issue: Resilience and Sustainability of Coastal Communities

Submission deadline: April 4, 2023

Special issue: Oil spills in aquatic systems

Submission deadline: October 31, 2023


Environmental Systems Research

Environmental Systems Research (ISSN: 2193-2697) publishes high-quality, interdisciplinary and refereed research papers, review and comment articles, and topical collections on all aspects of environmental systems from water (terrestrial and marine), air, soil and biota. The journal aims to advance and apply scientific knowledge and practical methods to improve our understanding of environmental and sustainability issues and support evidence-based policy making and eco-friendly practice at regional or global scales. The journal particularly encourages innovative, original and cross-disciplinary research on the development and use of new or improved methodologies and technologies for scientific studies and practical work in environmental fields.


Cleaner Waste Systems

Cleaner Waste Systems (ISSN: 0959-6526) focuses on strategies that can foster waste prevention, optimize management, promote recirculation of matter and energy, and facilitate transition from linear approach to circular economy. Cleaner Waste Systems publishes current research on waste management solutions and policies, education, and economic and environmental assessments and aims to offer an interdisciplinary overview of recent research encouraging discussion and debate on how to achieve Cleaner Waste Systems from government, business, academia and society.


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