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IOSSC 2022 will be a hybrid event, comprising both in-person and virtual sessions


In-person sessions

Planning for the in-person conference is going well and we are confident we will deliver a dynamic, enriching and memorable experience for the conference in Halifax. The main body of the conference will be the in-person conference. We encourage everyone to attend the in-person event. The in-person conference is not merely about exchange of information and ideas, it also provides an unmatched opportunity to interact professionally, socially and educationally with the gathering of oil spill science community.  No virtual event can fully replace the face-to-face interactions in an in-person event. We will take all necessary measures to provide a safe, productive and enriching experience. However, if circumstances change, we will be ready to transition to a virtual format.


Virtual sessions

Going hybrid will allow people who will not be able to attend in-person conference for a variety of reasons to participate in IOSSC 2022. This conference will include some unique webinar-style sessions. Virtual session attendees will be able to join the online webinars at scheduled times to pose questions and interact with the authors. The recorded virtual sessions will be available on demand for 30 days post conference. In-person attendees will have access to the virtual sessions as well. The virtual sessions will be more limited in terms of the extent of technical content. The submitted abstracts will undergo the same review process and meet the same quality standards.




Event Information