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Expert Sessions

Time: 1:45 – 2:40 PM

Format: Collaborative workshops in breakout rooms

What's it about?

An opportunity for youth to hear insights from industry experts and discuss their own futures in one of the following fields:

  • The Arts
  • Health
  • Tech
  • Vocational Education

Please note that places for these sessions are limited in order to ensure rich discussions and exchanges. See how you can register here.

See our experts.

Session Structure

1. Participants join the online room linked to one of the Forum themes.

2. The expert for the room’s theme will give a short presentation on

  • their career path
  • challenges they faced and overcame
  • how they feel COVID-19 may affect careers in their field

3. Participants in each room will be divided into smaller breakout rooms. In these breakout rooms, participants will discuss:

  • their experiences in these fields
  • possible challenges they have faced, or will face in the future
  • ways of overcoming these challenges

4. The industry experts will move between the different breakout rooms to provide further insights for these discussions.

Moderators will be present in each breakout room to help facilitate the discussions and take notes. These discussions will be shared in the Feedback Session at 2:55 PM.

About our Expert Sessions