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Keynote: Complaining Effectively Can Change the World

10:00 AM, Mardi 20 Avr 2021 (1 heure 15 minutes)
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We all want to make the world a better place, but most of us don’t know where to start. Our keynote, Amy Fish, can turn a raving rant into a complaint that works. In this talk, Amy walks you through six tips for complaining effectively – each illustrated with a colorful anecdote. Whether you want equal pay for equal work or you’re just looking for a side of fries, Amy’s tips will show you how you can be instrumental in changing your life – and the world – for the better.

 Amy Fish is the Ombudsperson at Concordia University and the author of I Wanted Fries with That: How to Ask for What You Want and Get What You Need (New World Library 2019) and The ART of Complaining Effectively (Avmor 2014). Amy is responsible for promoting fairness and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Prior to Concordia, Amy was an Ombudsperson in the health care sector. Amy regularly teaches, speaks and writes about how complain effectively

Concordia University

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