Touching compassion, feeling sensations & telepresence: Simulation, stimulation, & pedagogy

10:30, Thursday 6 May 2021 (30 minutes)
Break    11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (30 minutes)

At the last Uncommon Sense conference, I introduced my work by inviting folks to stand and participate in a compassion practice. Since then, my immersion in compassion practices challenged further interrogations into complex inter-realtionships among multi-modal symbols, haptic tools, affective feelings, and stimulated sensory experiences. Our sense of touch, often grouped easily as a single sense, requires additional scrunity and curiosity.

In this paper, I share a mostly invisible, shadow method that requires intense rigour to challenge traditional forms of knowledge production. Working against the grain of academic and institutional silos, I map a sensory- and compassion-based practice within new and e/mergent methods of research and research creation. I discover the affective impact of those powerful matriarchal figures prominent in my senses of self and ways of being in the world. These sensed (embodied, sensing) untold stories help me dismantle and disrupt other socio-political institutions I bump up against in my ongoing resistance of institutional and pedagogical expectations.

My challenge towards a compassion practice is a physical, affective, yet promising and transformative experience. To make a social/political difference and work with a service-oriented consciousness, my pedagogical experiences reveal resistance strategies for coping with current pandemic realities, distanced futures, & neoliberal academic life.

University of Guelph