‘Vedute sonore’: The soundscape workshop as a strategic action to develop citizen’s holistic sense of the city

16:00, Friday 7 May 2021 (30 minutes)

Stefano Luca, Suonifreschi, Italy

Venice is a model of sensorial urbanism. Its urban spaces offer forms of intangible sensitive landscapes that engage our senses and define our experience.‘Vedute sonore’ (‘Sound views’) is an educational intervention aimed at developing the citizen’s holistic sense of the city, through discovering the sensuous qualities that make the urban environment of Venice unique: the shape and size of the public space, which determines the feeling of intimacy; the building materials, which ensure the particular reflection of sound and light; the interactions between land and water, between people and boats, which form the texture of the soundscape The first series of workshops, addressed to students and young professionals of the city of Venice, is focused on the study and design of sound in urban space. 'Promenade acoustique' is the soundscape analysis workshop, aimed at discovering today's Venice Keynote; ‘Resounding Venice’ is a collective action of soundscape restoration, aimed at tuning the water space of the Grand Canal; ‘Belsentire’ is a collective action of Soundscape design, aimed at replacing the current 'low-fi' soundscape of the San Marco area with a 'hi-fi' soundscape, consistent with the shapes of the urban space.

Suonifreschi / University of Strasbourg
architect, sound designer, lecturer, researcher