Ghost Light and other becomings – conceptual and sensory insights from art & research collaboration

16:00, Saturday 8 May 2021 (30 minutes)

Inkeri Aula,University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Ghost Light is an online documentation of an installation built around the concept of “ghosts”, traces of the past in our lived environment. The online video artwork will be displayed together with a presentation of its background processes. It is the first of a series of sound and media installations, which cultural anthropologist Inkeri Aula and artist duo Mark Niskanen & Jani-Matti Salo have displayed during 2020 in Finland and in New York. The art/research collaboration is based on sensobiographic research about changing environmental relationships (with European research project SENSOTRA’s archives and new sensobiographic interviews), on uncanny sound experiments, and on openness to conceptual serendipity. This collaboration practice affords experientiality to research data related to multiple senses and sensory relations. A completely new format of a collaborative publication is published in the session as the presentation’s platform. A website in the form of a shared desktop, going under the working name “Garden of Becomings'', gives access to not only artworks and presentations already produced by the group, but to the drafting and working processes of new creations. The artists Niskanen and Salo will be present for Q&A.

University of Eastern Finland
Researcher, cultural anthropology