Virtual Exhibition Space

Virtual Exhibition Space
15:30, Sunday 9 May 2021 (1 hour 30 minutes)

Artworks will be presented in a virtual gallery and Artist Talks during the conference will complement the exhibit.

  1. Antoine Bellemare, Big Nada, Concordia University, Canada
  2. Eléonore Bak, Twelve Soundclouds,Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Grenoble, France
  3. Christa Donner and Andrew S. Yang, Listening through the Landscape,School of the Art Institute of Chicago. USA
  4. Denielle Elliott, Michelle Charette, and Elizabeth Lima, Listening to an Injured Mind: A Sonic Installation,York University, Canada
  5. Eric Fong, Thanatos: scent of death perfume,UK
  6. Florian Grond and Piet Devos, Performing the Monument, McGill University, Canada
  7. Jennifer Grossman, Dark Forest//Invincible Summer, USA
  8. Alex Grunenfelder, Air Report, Vancouver, Canada
  9. Robert B. Lisek, Evolver, Institute of Advanced Study CEU, Budapest
  10. Florencia Marchetti, Sensory Entanglements. Concordia University, Canada.
  11. Alejandra Melian-Morse, Interkingdom Ensemble. McGill University, Canada
  12. Joel Ong, Proximal Spaces. York University, Canada.
  13. Tereza Stehlikova, Zoom Deep Beauty.University of Westminster, UK
  14. Celia Vara, Fina Miralles,Concordia University, Canada
  15. Claire Vionnet, Shadows between Worlds. University of Bern, Switzerland
  16. Inkeri Aula, Ghost Light and other becomings – conceptual and sensory insights from art & research collaboration, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  17. Clea T. Waite, Ice-Time 360, USA