Session 3.1.1 WORKSHOP: Breath of Fresh Air

WORKSHOP: Breath of Fresh Air
9:30, Saturday 8 May 2021 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Break    11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (30 minutes)
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Leader: Rosalyn Driscoll, Independent artist, US

Co-faciliator: Desiree Foerster, Postdoctorial researcher at the Department of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago

Underlying the climate crisis lies collective and individual disconnection from nature, each other and our lived, sensory experience. This project invites people to become aware of the universal, fundamental experience of breathing as a way to recognize our interdependence with the atmosphere, plant communities, each other, and the world around us. We are developing an art installation that offers a contemplative, conducive environment and guiding suggestions, using the micro-phenomenological interview method to deepen awareness of unfamiliar dimensions of breathing.

This workshop shares our research to date, including Foerster’s work on aesthetics of metabolism, Driscoll’s work in embodied perception, as well as precedents in art and in micro-phenomenological research into somatic processes. These approaches share common interest in phases of experience usually in the background of our consciousness, before something becomes a perceivable quality that can be judged or categorized. We invite participants to witness or partake in one of the proposed guided experiences of breathing.

Independent Artist
University of Chicago
Post-doctoral Instructor
Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris

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