Session 4.4.4: WORKSHOP: Sound of Touch

WORKSHOP: Sound of Touch
15:30, Sunday 9 May 2021 (1 hour 30 minutes)
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Leader: Lisa Thomas, May Productions Ltd. and the University of Bristol, UK and Professor Carey Jewitt, University College London, UK

This exploratory sensory 90-minute workshop is a sensorial invitation and provocation. Through imaginings within the body and beyond it will explore touch as an expanded sense. During the workshop participants will be facilitated to engage with a broad palate of touch-sensing and ‘tactile relations’ sensed between human and nonhuman bodies and their environments. Participation will centre on in-progress experiments on touch and movement using binaural technologies in the form of participatory audio-visual sound experiences, followed by discursive sharing. The focus and themes of the workshop have evolved from The Lockdown Diaries (2020). It will experiment with how sound can invite a resonance of touch – between an environment and the (remote) bodies within it, and guide participants to move, connect and interact within a shared sound field. At its core, is the relational character of touch - always a giving and a receiving, a touching and a touched; and an expansive palate of touch as a ‘felt’ bodily somatic sensing, and as emotional feeling and affect. The workshop will inform the further development of the Lockdown prototypes. The workshop will flex and respond to Covid19 regulations towards a combined virtual-physical format/experience, if that is not possible it will be virtual-remote

University of Bristol / May Productions
University College London (UCL)
Professor Technology & Interaction

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