The Green Sense Reactivated

15:30, Sunday 9 May 2021 (30 minutes)

Priscilla Agliardi, Independent Research, Spain

“[...] reminding man of his dependence on plants for his continued existence and well-being on our planet”; this is not a political statement from a green party, nor the motto of climate change activists, this is from NASA – Clean Air Study in 1989. To remind is a fair objective, but when and why did we forget about our close relationship with plants and Nature? On the one hand, we are constantly being called into action for climate change, and on the other, the recent success of green designers is based on the fact that we are all, consciously or unconsciously, biophilic, that is to say, lovers of life. However, no one is explaining why, despite our all being biophilic, we are on the verge of destroying our planet, nor how this collective amnesia has come about. This paper aims to understand what the Green Sense really is, through the writings of the philosopher E. Fromm and the biologist E.O. Wilson, to investigate the reasons behind the Nature-Man common oblivion, through the works of philosophers M. Heidegger and U. Galimberti, and to search, through design, for simple activities that can enable people to experience first-hand their imprinted love for Nature. Walking in a park, or having a green wall in your office to stare at is not enough. I argue that only if we reactivate our Green Sense and we rebuild a shared green collective conscience, does larger scale change have a chance.

Independent Researcher