A study on Racism from a sensorial approach, Paris XXI century

12:30, Sunday 9 May 2021 (30 minutes)
Break    01:00 PM to 01:30 PM (30 minutes)

Silvina Silva Aras, School of Media, Arts and Humanities, UK

In my PhD thesis on Racism and social exclusion from a sensorial approach I have worked on La Goutte d’Or: a small neighbourhood within Paris’ 18th district, known mainly among Parisians, as an area where a large concentration of immigrants –mostly from former French colonies (North and Sub-Saharan Africa), are settled –or come to trade. Recognisable from its multicultural façade, it is also known for its working class and sometimes edgy history.

The goal of my research has been to analyse what I call “soft racism”. A form of racism that is not systematically denounced but which permeates social and power relationships on a daily basis, resulting in what Fanon called discrimination acts.Using a sensorial approach as my main methodology I have worked using the senses as generators of impressions and perceptions; as developers of experiences, incorporating conflicts into their narratives as they were felt and lived. Each of the senses brings forth a series of interrelated concerns or conflicts that helped to portray the neighbourhood as a whole, as it is now -as a postcolonial enclave. In this paper I explain the way in which I have used my tools to analyse the mutable but proven reality of soft racism.