Making sense of place: Towards an eco-sensorial approach to pedagogy and design

11:30, Friday 7 May 2021 (30 minutes)
Duarte Santo, Cornell University, USA

Landscape is better understood as an assemblage or a working set of vibrant materialities, where materiality cannot simply focus upon the tangible properties of objects but must engage in the dialectic of living beings and things, its qualities and experiences. In this paper, we will reflect upon the use of exploratory and speculative approaches to the senses and intersensorial relationships in a Landscape Architecture design studio environment.

The [eco]sensorial studio action-research-creation methodologies involve the exploration of situated experiences of material life, the constitution of the object world and its shaping of human and non-human experiences through the exploration of the senses. Working with materials, objects, spaces and places, students explore, identify, analyse, conceptualise and deliver critical responses to processes involved in translation, transformation of places, ecologies and the senses.

Cornell University
Lecturer in Landscape Archoitecture