Wrapping around the vulnerable

10:30, Friday 7 May 2021 (30 minutes)
Break    11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (30 minutes)
Christina Lammer, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria

A man in a white working suit paints puffy aerial structures, clouds and dark blue whirlwinds, drawn together by delicate threads, on a large-scale paper canvas. He works in an artist studio, far away from his usual area of operations, the Cardiac Surgery Department at General Hospital in Vienna, Austria. Wilfried Wisser is cardiac surgeon. He, art historian, curator and physical theatre artist Tamar Tembeck, and I, sociologist and filmmaker Christina Lammer, performed movement and painting workshops together at artist-run centre OBORO in Montreal, Canada. The mysterious landscapes painted by Wilfried Wisser represent his intraoperative perception of a heart valve. Associations with air and water, the essential elements life is made of, are quite intended. The interaction of the operator’s hand with the heart, how tissue is being sensed, and in which ways sewing and knotting aids decrease haptic feedback, are central issues we aim at discussing. Thus, Wrapping Around the Vulnerable is an attempt to relearn to listen to the heart through performative, choreographic and filmic practices.

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna