Session 1.4.7: WORKSHOP: Digital Glass Tasting

WORKSHOP: Digital Glass Tasting
16:00, Thursday 6 May 2021 (1 hour)
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Leader: Lena Trost (A25), Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany

Within my PhD project “Embodiment of the volatile. The ability to notice that a substance is present. Or: how glass becomes odor,“ I claim that the association of smell to a thing, object, is enough to create a smell. The actual reception exists even if the smell is imaginary. My medium is Glass. Glass carries associations with scientific instruments, is known for being odourless and like odor is both present and absent.

In the Digital Glass Tasting created for the Sensory Studies Conference 2021, my key question is how olfactory experiences can be manifested even though the corresponding olfactory molecules are absent. How is it possible to experience a smell that has been smelled in the past? What impulses are needed to tap most directly into olfactory memory? Assuming linguistic instructions are the strongest, then which types of language, semantics, syntax are the most effective?

The Digital Glass Tasting borrows the framework of wine or coffee tastings. The recipients are invited to taste or better to say smell glass under seven different multi-sensual conditions using glasses of their daily life. The timing and the control lies with the user. The Glass Tasting will be built to be both playful and explorativ; the users will learn about themselves and train their communication of olfactory memory. Embedded in the format will be space for exchange of perspectives and experiences amongst the users.

Bauhaus-University Weimar

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