“The bone conductor” project: sharing the uncommon experience of a tactile sonic sculpture installation to gain inclusive sense knowledge about the personal “multi sensorial hearing perspective” of (differently) abled people

16:00, Thursday 6 May 2021 (30 minutes)
Ricardo Huisman, Soundscape composer, independent artistic researcher, Netherlands

“The bone conductor” - project (artistic research) combines the uncommon experience of a tactile sonic sculpture: the “woollen sound bone” with composed tangible/audible soundscapes and use of bone conducting headphones at the same time. The interactive installation invites people to experience uncommon combined hearing perspectives: touching the sculpture and feeling resonating soundscapes, feeding ears with (reflected) sounds, connecting the inner ear directly by using bone conducting headphones, listening, feeling, conducting soundscapes with their whole body. The composed “sensescapes” can be a combination of field recordings, soundwalks including personal moving-, listening- and hearing habits mixed with (un)musical sounds, (un)common senses triggering imaginary (sensory) reminiscences. By sharing, documenting personal experiences, telling stories and sense knowledge we gain a more inclusive and broader “multi sensorial hearing perspective” of the sound habitat in which we live and work. I will present updated ideas about “multi sensorial hearing perspective” and experiences with the bone conductor project in the context of uncommon senses and aural diversity.

sound image artist, soundscape composer