Speculative Space Habitats: A Future-Oriented Sensory Research Design Project

10:30, Sunday 9 May 2021 (30 minutes)
Break    11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (30 minutes)
Genevieve Collins, Centre for Sensory Studies, Concordia University, Canada

This project uses research design methodologies to engage with the speculative future and investigate the sensory environment of human space habitats, the design of which scientists, architects, and scholars have imagined for decades. It involves interdisciplinary research drawing from a number of historical and contemporary sources including studies on immersive architecture, the design of speculative space habitats, and human biological adaptation to the sensory environment of space. Inspired by the methodologies of David Howes and Chris Salter, this information will then be used to create an immersive sensory environment – a multi-modal installation in a gallery space that engages and combines the senses. It will involve soundscapes, video, photography, and even stimuli that activate the proximal senses of taste, touch, and smell in order to emulate specific sensory experiences. Participants will share their experiences in the immersive environment and reflect on how their own sensory perception may have been subverted, altered, or reconfigured. This project synthesizes art and anthropology to craft a futurist vision and engage with speculative sensory futures.

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