Presentations :

Authors are responsible to either have ready a live presentation or submit their pre-recorded paper presentation in video format. 

What exactly is happening during each session? 

The session moderator will introduce the session and first speaker. They will stream the pre-recorded talk or defer to the presenter to share their screen and talk. During a pre-recorded talk, the authors can watch for questions on the chat (and even answer the min chat box as the talk is playing). After the talk is finished, the session moderator will ask remaining questions from the chat, ask the authors to expand on questions they already answered and ask any of the chair’s own questions. Each presenter in a regular session has 10 mins at the end of their presentation to answer questions from the audience.

When do I join the call? 

Please join the call 10 min before the start of the session and stay connected for the entire session (even if you are the last paper in the session). While streaming, the assistants running the meeting room cannot be interacting with you at the same time, so it is important to be on-board with everyone before the session starts.  Prior to starting the session, you would be able to test your audio and video and connect with the moderator and assistant, they are there to support you. 

Who is running the call? 

Each session has a moderator and assistant, depending on the type of session. Once you connect to the session you are speaking at through the “Join Session” button, the session assistant will admit you to the call before the session starts. In case you encounter any issues, you may reach out to the session assistant. You should have received their contact before the conference begins. If you do not have this information, contact the organizers at or the coordinator at