Day 1 Block 3 Session 1: A Pandemic Miracle: How We Engaged More Students Than Ever Before -- MyStart Program

Creative Workshop Session
3:00 PM, Monday 17 May 2021 EDT (1 hour)
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As an access institution, the Student Learning Centre at Ontario Tech University has taken the step to make the student transition to university academics a priority. With the move to online learning, MyStart: Welcome and MyStart: Academic, the university's two summer transition programs previously delivered in-person, were replaced with one new program called, MyStart. MyStart is a fully online transition program developed to meet the needs of students learning remotely. The program consists of a series of online academic modules and live workshops that provide new students with a head start in their university career. After a comprehensive assessment of the first MyStart online program, it is evident that the online format had further reach than the previous in-person program. With 86% of first year participation, more students engaged than ever before.

In this workshop the Student Learning Centre will explain how they developed MyStart online. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share practices about how they moved summer transition programming online as a result of the pandemic.

Participants attending this workshop will be able to:
Explore how the MyStart online program was developed using synchronous workshops and asynchronous modules.
Review the assessment measures and outcomes of the MyStart online program.

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