Day 1 Block 2 Session 4: Engaging Student Tutors online with myDALITE

Peer Support
Research to Practice Session
2:00 PM, Monday 17 May 2021 EDT (45 minutes)
Day 1: Comfort Break 2   02:45 PM to 03:00 PM (15 minutes)
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Maintaining engagement, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving in a large-scale peer tutoring program at Dawson College has been a challenge since all the operations were transferred to the online environment. In Winter 2021, we have begun using myDALITE, an online platform designed on principles of peer instruction, and drawing on concepts of social constructivism, to re-train returning tutors. In myDALITE, tutors are asked to complete a multi-step analysis and reflection. Tutors are provided with tutoring scenarios, then prompted to reflect and provide rationale for the choices they make; and, finally, they engage with each other's explanations before providing more in-depth reflection on their tutoring practices.
Over 50 tutors completed the training. The initial analysis shows that myDALITE allows tutors to critically reflect on their practices. Tutors reported that they felt re-engaged and even excited for the upcoming semester. Moreover, we were able to identify the concepts that tutors sill find challenging. We find the platform to be a promising tool for tutor training.
We would like to share our experience with the tool, discuss the challenges, lessons learned, and the future of online training for tutors.
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