Day 1 Keynote 1: Learning for Everyone, Everywhere-Applying Learning Strategies from Cognitive Psychology

Learning Scientists
11:00 AM, Monday 17 May 2021 EDT (1 hour)
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Cognitive Psychology investigates fundamental cognitive processes such as how we perceive and pay attention to the world around us, how we remember and forget, and how we think and solve problems. Understanding these processes is vital for teaching and learning and, as a consequence, research from cognitive psychology has found its way into education. Our work with the Learning Scientists highlights learning strategies from cognitive psychology that are most effective in education. In this keynote we will take a contemporary approach to applying cognitive psychology to education, addressing how learning strategies can be applied to create a more inclusive classroom in both in-person and online settings. We will review effective learning strategies and discuss how they can be best implemented by asking: Do they work for everyone? Do they work everywhere?

Keynote speaker
St. Bonaventure University
Chair of the Psychology Department and Director of the Behavioral Neuroscience program
Keynote speaker
University of Glasgow
Assistant Professor in Psychology
Concordia University
Manager, Student Learning Services, Student Success Centre
Ryerson University
Coordinator, Student Transition & Retention, Student Wellbeing; Lecturer, Sociology & Psychology; President, LSAC; Owner, Awakened Learning


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