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With the change to an online learning environment, many students have expressed difficulties with taking lecture notes. Some have depended on posted lecture videos and are reluctant to engage in active notetaking. Peer to peer learning seemed like a potential tool to reach hesitant first-year students and model principles and practices for online learning. Senior students trained as Learning Coaches are an essential part of the learning skills program, demonstrating academic strategies for success and referring to campus resources. We pivoted to produce an online notetaking lesson including a video demonstrating OneNote. Each session is a multi-pronged approach: we join the synchronous or asynchronous class to take lecture notes, and subsequently lead a workshop demonstrating note-taking options for diverse learners. We marketed the sessions to faculty across campus and have had positive responses in courses as diverse as music theory and sociology. Looking beyond the pandemic, we hope to expand and record sessions to increase access for students working in multiple time zones.
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