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The BounceBack program at the University of Windsor is modelled after the Thriving In Action curriculum developed by Dr. Deena Kara Shaffer and Dr. Diana Brecher at Ryerson University. The program is a series of 8 workshops that focuses on holistic thriving skills and academic strategies, with the intent to help students bounce back from a semester where they did not perform as well as they had expected. We are in the second full academic term since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and our preliminary information suggests that the demand for our program has increased, despite the changes to our program structure and delivery. We propose a 10-minute pre-recorded presentation to speak about how the University of Windsor has successfully pivoted the BounceBack program to an online format, while continuing to provide the same level of support to students that need it.
University of Windsor
Bounce Back Program Coordinator
University of Windsor
Student Development Specialist (Previously Transition and Retention Program Support and Evaluator)

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