Fostering Metacognition in Online Learning

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As an accessible, equitable and diverse curriculum becomes paramount to fostering excellence in higher education, so does the explicit and intentional support for learners during the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and attitudes. Many learners are unaware of their own thinking and learning processes and may even view their roles as passive, or perceive their journey as mostly dependent on uncontrollable variables. Moreover, the rapid shift to an online environment may have exacerbated both feelings of isolation and challenges related to mental and physical health/well-being. Metacognition (i.e., "thinking about thinking") helps students understand their experiences while empowering them to direct their own learning journeys.
In the proposed quick-tip video, we will share a few tools that instructors can easily incorporate into their online and/or hybrid courses in order to foster metacognition and scaffold self-regulated learning strategies. We will offer ways to build metacognitive opportunities into synchronous and asynchronous courses that can be adapted to specific contexts. Demonstrations will be done on Canvas as well as Microsoft Teams, but the ideas will be easily adaptable to any other LMS or video conferencing tool used in other institutions.
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