Engaging Students in Non-Credit Learning Opportunities – Using Digital Badges to Incentivize and Recognize Participation in Academic Skill Development

Student Success and Engagement
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Engaging students in non-credit learning opportunities with academic support units can be an ongoing struggle, clever marketing and the promise of free food only go so far! Academic support units offer services and expertise that all students can benefit from, yet tend to see only a fraction of the student population, many of whom seek help because they are struggling and/or have been required by other institutional mechanisms to engage. How can academic support units make the case to all students that there is value to be gained from engaging in the support offered?

Digital badges, a type of micro-credential, offer a free, flexible, and relatively easy approach to incentivizing and recognizing student learning. As a Learning Strategist who does not specialize in educational technology, I will discuss my previous experiences with implementing a digital badging program and current efforts to develop a digital badging program specific to the support provided through the Academic Success Centre at the University of the Fraser Valley. Best practices in micro-credentialing, lessons learned, and current opportunities / challenges will be discussed. A discussion board will provide the opportunity to share resources, ideas, and ask questions.
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