eCoaching: Using Video Campaigns to Engage Learners and Develop Academic Skill

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In March 2020, COVID-19 forced NorQuest College to close down its campus including the Learner Centre in which Tutorial and Academic Coaching Services operates. We were no longer able to meet with students face-to-face for individual and group sessions. Although we quickly pivoted to an online model, students either didn't know we had transitioned online or had a hard time finding us online. We were presented with an opportunity to find an engaging way to connect with all students online, as well as a chance to think about how we could generate more interest in the coaching services we've developed over the years. The solution we came up with was a successful video campaign: twelve 1:30-minute YouTube videos delivered directly to all students in an e-newsletter three times a week within the first four weeks of Winter 2021. Each video focused on one strategy to develop an academic skill (like managing test anxiety) or support online learning (like tips for using BlackBoard). As a result, we connected with over 7,000 students who have viewed our videos over 5,500 times (and counting!). They've even left comments, emailed us with questions, or have finally been able to connect with us online.
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