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The sudden transition to online learning last spring has brought with it a number of challenges for academic staff and learning developers. One of the biggest challenges identified at the University of Glasgow relates to the raised difficulty of student engagement, with a sense of loss of community being experienced by staff and students alike. How can a sense of community, previously evolving quite naturally in the physical space of the classroom, be achieved in an online learning environment? This video will present a possible answer to this question and introduce the podcast format developed by the Effective Learning Advisers for International Students at the University of Glasgow. It will discuss the podcasts connection to classes, its structure (or lack thereof) and how it allows students to review the themes learned about during the week. This will be followed by a short presentation of a podcast snippet. The video will finish by discussing student feedback and invite a discussion on whether and how the podcast format might continue once face-to-face teaching is allowed again on campus.
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