Day 3 Block 8 Session 4: Addressing the Need- Building the Academic Strategy Program at the University of Saskatchewan

Mental Health
Research to Practice Session
3:00 PM, Wednesday 19 May 2021 EDT (45 minutes)
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Presently, students with challenges, related to neurodiversity and issues with mental health, are enrolled in most post-secondary programs, across Saskatchewan. This progression can be attributed to advancements in community awareness, human rights legislation, educational assistance, as well as access to funding and assistive technology. Now, that these students are resident in the provinces educational institutions, effort was needed to create specialized support options to assist these students to arrive and then thrive, in their new learning environments. Students with learning and mental health issues require specialized remediation strategies to be central in the design of support programming. In turn, this programming requires delivery by well-trained professionals who understand the necessity in providing assistive instruction that reflects individualized student need. In response, the Office of Access and Equity Services, at the University of Saskatchewan, developed and delivered the Academic Strategy Program (ASP), the first specialized support program, in the province, designed to assist students with specific learning and mental heath requirements. The ASP was centered around students developing management strategies to enhance executive functioning, self-advocacy and personal wellness and was informed by current research, localized resources and a collaborative approach between Access and Equity Services, academic/learning strategists and relevant campus stakeholders.
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