Day 3 Block 8 Session 3: CANCELLED -- Lessons Learned From a Year of Online Supported Learning Groups at the University of Guelph

Peer Support
Research to Practice Session
3:00 PM, Wednesday 19 May 2021 EDT (45 minutes)
This session is cancelled and no longer available.


In February 2020, the pandemic caused the Supported Learning Groups Program to quickly venture into new territory - online academic peer support. This presentation will provide an overview of the lessons learned from the Supported Learning Groups first year of online Supplemental Instruction. The need for remote learning and for continued academic support caused the program to rethink session delivery, learning resources, leader training and mentoring, and overall program logistics. In doing so, many lessons on student learning, engagement strategies, accessibility, peer support in changing circumstances, mentorship and leadership were learned, and will be shared through this presentation.
University of Guelph