Day 3 Block 8 Session 2: Designing Student Learning Experiences in Different Modes of Delivery

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Research to Practice Session
3:00 PM, Wednesday 19 May 2021 EDT (45 minutes)
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With a focus on the theme of new practices from 2020 to keep and continue, we examine how our rapid shift to online delivery, during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, continues to inform our teaching and learning practices in 2021. In our context of teaching postgraduate doctoral students academic writing, our business as usual format was singular or stand-alone face-to-face writing workshops. Changes that have been sustained involve the development of resource suites. This term refers to one set of face-to-face teaching materials about a specific topic that have been adapted and developed for different modes of delivery, including synchronous online workshops, webpages and short videos.
We discuss research and design frameworks that underpin our creation process, including the development of an online participation matrix for thinking about student activity, and the principle of segmenting content in educational videos. Finally, we reflect on the constraints and affordances of creating teaching and learning materials in different modes, and how attending to each led to improvements in the original materials. These findings about design choices are relevant to learning specialists and educators seeking to connect with students through different media.

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Auckland University of Technology


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