Day 1: Connect through profiles-chat with other participants

11:00 AM, Monday 17 May 2021 EDT (5 hours)
Making connections is an integral part of this year's conference theme!

We have a few ways to help you make the most engaging connections amongst the conference community!

Here are tips to enhance your networking experience:

Once you have registered to the 2021 National LSAC conference, you will then be able to log in to the conference site.

Only on the conference dates, (May 17-19 EDT time) you may chat amongst the conference community. To do so, find your peers by checking out the list of attendees and speakers:

  • Click on the chat bubble icon under the attendee's or speaker's name
  • The messaging board will appear
  • You may either view a profile, send a written text message or invite someone to a video call. Please note, that if your peers are not logged in, they will not get your request until active on the event site.

  • You may also make general Event posts, which are "visible to all"