Day 1 Block 3 Session 5: Your Learning Specialist L.I.S.T.E.N.S

Learning Strategies
Creative Workshop Session
3:00 PM, Monday 17 May 2021 EDT (1 hour)
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- Develop skills in nonjudgmental listening, and helping students give voice to their stress and anxiety
- Increase awareness of ways learning professional can assist students experiencing heightened anxiety and stress in the online learning environment

As educators who are not trained psychologists or counselors, we can be part of the first line of defense, offering First Aid if you will, for students experiencing challenges to their well-being, as they may be contributing to academic and motivation struggles and/or malaise.
Students are experiencing significantly longer wait times to see counselors which often contributes to increased difficulties with attention and motivation. We can play an important role before students see a counselor or a specialist.
We are in a unique place to offer students the space to talk about their struggles. Often, simply having an empathetic ear, accompanying them and identifying appropriate resources can significantly attenuate students anxiety, thus fostering the possibility of increased academic success.

This model of active listening intervention under the acronym L.I.S.T.E.N.S. reminds us that we absolutely can listen,help, but also cautions us that we are not trained counseling professionals equipped to provide psychotherapeutic interventions. Thus, our empathetic/non-judgmental listening can facilitate students rediscovery of their academic motivation and restore their interest in learning.
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