Anna Marczewska

Pedagogical Counsellor
Dawson College

Anna Marczewska, B.Ed., M.A. (pronouns she/her/hers), is a pedagogical counselor at the Academic Skills Centre at Dawson College and Coordinator of the Colleges Peer Tutoring program. Her work focuses on supporting students, especially those with second language acquisition difficulties and learning disabilities (often undiagnosed), in their development of self-regulation strategies for learning and writing skills. A strong believer in the importance of social learning and the transformative power of peer tutoring for both tutees and tutors, she recruits, trains, and manages a staff of 150 peer tutors. A While she has consistently expanded and innovated the Peer Tutoring program throughout her tenure as Coordinator, the transition of Dawson's current tutoring staff to a 100% online tutoring has provided unanticipated challenges and opportunities for innovation. She has been working at Dawson college since 2010.