Kaaryn Cater

Learning Advisor
Whitireia, New Zealand

Kaaryn Cater is a Learning Advisor at a New Zealand tertiary institution and is a leading international researcher in the field of environmental sensitivity in the tertiary education setting. Kaaryn is in the final stages of completing her PhD through the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia where she is investigating environmental sensitivity and its impact on learning for post-secondary students. Kaaryn has published a number of papers in the field and has presented her research extensively both nationally and internationally. She is an active researcher on Sensitivityresearch.com, a website that allows researchers in the field to share the latest research, and it provides information for the public. Kaaryn currently serves on the Ethics Committee at her institution, Whitireia Weltec, and is committed to guiding students through all stages of the research process.

Sessions in which Kaaryn Cater attends