Patricia Diaz del Castillo

McGill University
Patricia Diaz del Castillo has worked with college and university students for over 15 years. At McGill University, in her former position as the Learning Resources Advisor for the Office for Student with Disabilities (OSD), she provided ongoing support to students with disabilities and for the broader McGill student population. She has created and developed programs such as the OSD Peer Support and Mentoring Program for OSD students. She has also been a part of the implementation of Universal Design for Learning Principles within her former office and with other campus stakeholders, to provide access to learning. She was a VP for AQICESH (Association québécoise inter-universitaire des conseillers aux Étudiants en situation de handicap) for four years where she was able to plan, organize and lead events that would contribute to the professional development of other professionals in her field. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Graduate Certificates in Counselling Psychology and Inclusive Education; Universal Design for Learning; Digital Content and Community Management and Applied Learning Disabilities. She currently works as an Admissions and Recruitment office at McGill University.