Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel

Assistant Professor in Psychology
University of Glasgow

Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel (CPsychol, SFHEA) is an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Her expertise focuses on learning and memory phenomena that allow implementation to educational settings to offer teachers and students a wide range of strategies that promote long-term retention. Carolina is convinced that psychological research should serve the public and, to that end, engages heavily in scholarly outreach and science communication. She is a member of the LearningScientists and founded the Teaching Innovation & Learning Enhancement (TILE) network. TILE brings different disciplines and sectors together to discuss how to overcome prevailing issues in education with research-based approaches. Carolina is frequently invited to give CPD workshops and keynotes on learning and teaching worldwide. She is passionate about teaching and aims at providing her students with the best learning experience possible. In her free time, Carolina enjoys going on family trips to explore the beauty of Scotland, listening to her vinyl records, reading books, or watching movies and series. You can follow her work via Twitter @pimpmymemory.