Instructions for Presenters giving live Zoom webinars or live Zoom meetings at LSAC 2021

You have been sent a Zoom link in advance of the date you are presenting.

· If you are a presenter for one of the Creative workshops: you will receive your live Zoom Meeting link from for your session date.

You will have 1 hour to present, including time to answer audience questions.

· If you are a presenter for a Keynote session, a Research- to-Practice session or the Tuesday morning Panel, you will receive a Zoom Webinar invitation from the following email address: You will also receive a reminder email 24-hours before your session date).

o Keynotes will have one hour for their presentation, including any Q&A.

o Research to- practice presenters will have 30 minutes for their presentation content, and 15 minutes for Q&A.

o The Tuesday morning panel event will last 45 minutes in total. Panelists will have an allocated time for their presentation portion, as arranged with them beforehand by Panel Facilitator Lyn Benn.


· On the date and time of your session, please connect to Zoom with the link that has been provided to you by email a minimum of 30-minutes prior to your scheduled session time.  

· A moderator will be assigned to your session. During these 30 minutes you and your moderator will be able to run through the session format. This is the time to test your screen share and your presentation slides in addition to your audio and video and ensure everything is working properly prior to the audience joining.  

Guidelines for running your presentation

· Your moderator will introduce you, support your session by keeping time and helping with the chat/Q&A, and help troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

· Your session will have closed captions features enabled in Zoom (as part of the conference accessibility initiative) for users. To supply the most exact captioning, please avoid background noises, and please avoid using expressions or words other than in the English language.

· Note that the presentation cannot exceed the time allotment. 

· When you reach the last 15 minutes, the moderator will send you a direct message via the chat, so that you can or keep on track timewise and move to the Q&A part if you are doing a webinar.

· Once any Q&A has concluded, the session will end.  

· The session recording, including any Q&A, will be made available to attendee's post-conference for 90 days.    

Contact for problems, questions, or issues:

If you experience problems of any kind before or during the conference, please contact us at once at

Subject line: The name of your session + time

Email description: your name, your email address, and a summary of the issue